Cocky Comedy Demystified

Cocky comedy is an extremely powerful conversation tool.  PUA masters like David DeAngelo rely on it heavily to improve their chances with women.  Here’s a bit more in-depth information on what cocky comedy is and what it does.
Arrogance + Humor
The basic elements of cocky comedy are arrogance and humor.  These two go hand in hand:  the arrogance factor establishes and maintains your socially dominant position relative to the target woman, while humor counterbalances the arrogance, lessening your chances of getting a negative reaction.
Both of these are vital to the cocky comedy approach.  Humor without arrogance will make you seem goofy, and not worth taking seriously–like a court jester, so to speak.  While arrogance without humor just makes you seem like a jerk.  It’s important to find, and stick to, the right balance between them; too much of one or the other may actually lessen your chances with women.
Subtle, but effective
The beauty of cocky comedy is that it’s so subtle.  Unless a woman has devoted any time to studying seduction techniques–and most of them haven’t–she’ll have no idea when a guy is using cocky comedy.  And the subtlety is good.  Just like Dian Fossey got to bump elbows with gorillas by blending in with them, so you’ll have a better chance of creating attraction with a woman if you seem natural and spontaneous than if everything you say sounds like it came straight out of a manual.
The effects of cocky comedy are subtle, too.  This is due largely to humor’s role in the equation; arrogant behavior is a natural means of establishing social dominance, but without the mitigating effect of humor, the situation could become confrontational, rather than friendly.  In other words, stinting on humor can quickly turn a pick-up attempt into a headbutting match.  Which, again, is why it’s so important to properly balance humor and arrogance.
Establishing trust and not looking creepy
Everybody has some anxiety about strangers–it’s ingrained into our minds since childhood.  Women are often particularly concerned about the character of the kinds of guys they meet in pick up venues.  An effective cocky funny routine can help overcome this obstacle.  If used correctly, cocky comedy can dispel the negative assumptions many women have about guys, making you appear more charming and less threatening.
A technique that works especially well for this purpose is playful rejection.  That’s right:  I said rejection.  Reacting with too much enthusiasm to flirtatious remarks or body contact might make you seem a little too eager.  Instead, try shooting her down with a comment like, “Oh, you just want me for my body, don’t you.  Man, why can’t I meet a woman who likes me for me?”  She’ll be both amused and relieved to know that you’re not a ragingly horny caveman–while you, ironically, will have a much better chance of getting some private time with her, you sly dog.
Going into a conversation with a clearly defined purpose (in this case, creating attraction) puts you well ahead of most other guys, who don’t really think about what they want to accomplish when they approach women.  Using conversation tools like cocky comedy ups your chances even more.  But do you want to settle for good enough, or go in with your A-game?  If your answer is “yes” (and come on, we both know it is), then you’ll definitely want to head over to our Members’ Section.  Aside from loads of additional info on cocky comedy, it’s got tons of other great tips for improving your method. So don’t wait:  the sooner you start training, the sooner you can start playing.  And the sooner you start playing, the sooner you start scoring.
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