Things that men should never do during sex

During sex, you better be naked: T-shirt, socks, and pajamas do not add sexuality. Exceptions – cases when you play role-playing games. Learn more about the things that you should never do during sex.

Things that you should never do during sex

Some men don’t know about the things that ruin their sex. Here are some of the things that you should never do during sex (or watching sexy pics of Francia James at

  • Yes, some women excite rude words during sex, but not all for sure – and not all words. Thereby, it is better to clarify this question in advance to not offend it in vain
  • Get your partner’s hands behind your head: this powerful movement causes a rush of sexual submission to women
  • Vigorous griping during sex is more relevant than light stroking, especially when it comes to buttocks, waist or neck
  • The inner thighs of girls are two times more sensitive than the outside. So, if the exterior can be compressed, then the inner one can only be stroked
  • It is impossible to avoid calling the girl by name during sex, even to avoid mistakes. On the contrary, girls adore, when during sex they hear their name. Thereby, train your memory
  • Women like when men moan during sex and do not keep silent as if they had already died for seven minutes.