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Underground Flirting Advice To Show You How To Flirt With Women

A lot of men have no idea how to flirt with women and most of them go about it the wrong way and really get rejected. What I’m going to teach you today is how to flirt with women so that instead of losing attractive, you’ll be creating so much attraction towards you, she can’t help herself from wanting to get to know you more.
The secret to flirting as I mentioned in other parts of my website is using sexual innuendo.
So how do you go about talking about sexual topics with a girl then?
How do you bring this topic up without looking like a perverted guy or a sleazy sex hound looking for nothing but a lay?
I mean, surely there’s no way in that you can bring up a sex related issue without looking like you’re the one that has the dirty idea right?
Well, think about what a comedian does.
What do they do that allows them to talk about ANY topic without feeling weird? What do they say that enables them to smoothly transition from one theme to another and make it look like a seamless piece of single string?
Out of ideas?
Well, does this sound familiar?
“I was talking to my best friend the other day…” or “Did you know that my friend XYZ did…”
Yup, that’s right. They make up hypothetical situations whereby they insert a name of a friend or the character of one of their best friends in order to use as an excuse for them to further open up conversation in relation to a specific issue.
Why do they do this?
Well because it makes them seem as if it’s not really their idea to start the topic, it gives them the plausible deniability that they are just the innocent listener who is genuinely interested in the topic that was started by someone out and who is in search of an answer.
It has absolutely 100% nothing to do with their own personal interests.
That’s what you can do also!
So the next time you want to start talking about something sexual or understand where the woman is coming from in relation to a topic that conventional conversations would consider taboo, might I suggest you bring this line into play:
“Hey, I was just chatting to my best friend XYZ the other day, he was talking to his girlfriend about [insert sexual topic] and this was her response. What do you think about the situation”.
Flirting guidelines
A lot of men have trouble figuring out what it takes in order to flirt with a girl so that they will get her in the mindset that they are interested in her and want to take it to the next level.
Some guys simply have no understand of what it takes to be a good flirter.
I know that you hear from others that you need to flirt with a girl, and the advice that you often receive is “just flirt with her”, but therein lies the problem. Flirting is something that a lot of men have no idea how to do from the get go, so if you are told to “just flirt with her” that creates another problem – how do you go about doing so in the first place!
If you are feeling what I’m talking about, don’t feel shy or embarrassed. We live in a weird society where all guys are just expected to understand how to take the lead and how to generate sexual attraction and how to chase girls automatically. Notwithstanding most of the time we have no real idea and learn as we go and that’s often through humiliating trial and error!
I totally know what you’re feeling inside because, trust me, I’ve been there myself and it’s not a pretty situation to be in.
So let me teach you how to flirt with a girl!
You need to understand that you want to be in the mindset that a girl is out there to get into your pants.
That’s right, you read this correctly. You want to be in the situation whereby you accuse the girl of being the one that’s out for sex or being perverted – even though you may be the instigator. So what do you do in order to do that?
Well, anytime you hear about something remotely sexual around the girl, ask her opinion of it and then immediately accuse her of being perverted!
I know this sounds silly but the reason as to why this works is because it’s kind of funny accusing a hot woman of being the one that’s the corrupted one and it makes you look innocent and sweet – which creates a kind of funny situation that most women don’t know how to react to and can do nothing else but laugh at you back. This is great because it’s
Here’s an example:
You: “Did you hear about my friend John? He was in the club the other day and met his ex gf that he hasn’t seen in 3 years and the funniest thing was that he didn’t know! Then he took her home and after they had sex he realized that he was having sex with his ex, when she started screaming the way she used to… I can’t believe how perverted women are. I hope you’re not as perverted as her.”
Then after that say this:
“Ok, I know how perverted women are, and since you’re looking at me in that way I need you to stop right now, I can see the corrupted look in your eyes. Stop it! I’m a virgin ok!?”
As you can see you have just set up a playful, funny and flirty situation where you can talk about sex and use sexual innuendo! NICE!