Successful Seduction Tips – Dating Tricks for Men

In our last post, we discussed the common and widespread myths that have something to do with how you introduce yourself to women on dates. We discovered that you don’t have to be a millionaire or a «therapist» to succeed in getting a woman to share a night of unbridled passion with you.

You need to keep it real as a man and one of the most effective ways to accomplish this is recognizing the myths that surround dating and intimacy in general. Today’s post is a continuation of our previous discussion. It’s time to roll up our sleeves once again and work – you need to learn how to distinguish fact from fiction so you will be successful in seduction close to 100% of the time!

There Aren’t Enough Single Ladies Around – I’ve heard this countless times from males who have been single for many years. They say that the main reason why they can’t get a lover or even a date is that everyone seems to be «hitched» or committed for some reason. They use this reason to feel demotivated about dating in general. Do you feel the same way? Do you feel that there aren’t enough single ladies for all the fine, single lads around the country such as yourself? Well stop thinking that way! Right now there are more than eighty million un-attached ladies in America. I’m fairly certain that there’s one (or four, or twenty) women who would be perfect for you.

This myth has no kernel of truth in it – not a single grain of fact substantiates it in any way. So get up and start searching for your next girlfriend or at least, a date. Finding one can’t be that hard as there are so many single ladies in town!

You’re Just Too Plain/Average/Ugly to Get Any Action – This is probably the biggest obstacle that a man can ram himself against in his quest for the perfect lover. I’ve heard guys put themselves down so hard you’d think they look like Smurfs or Shrek. But in reality, these guys were decent-looking lads who just didn’t have the confidence to seek out women.

Statistically speaking, only a small fraction of the total population of women will ever meet men who look the part of a Hollywood actor. These handsome guys were blessed with genetics and we can’t argue with their good looks.

However, women (like men) are aware that being too much of a perfectionist can lead to years of isolation and loneliness. No sane person would want to be lonely just because nearly 100% of the available males don’t look like Hugh Jackman.

I have personally witnessed males who look like they were body doubles in «Fight Club» get incredibly hot women just by being confident.

The majority of these guys didn’t care that they weren’t particularly handsome or physical fit. They just wanted to flirt and interact with women and you know what – they succeeded in bringing home women whenever they went out to play the seduction game!

So before telling yourself yet again that you don’t have what it takes to practice speed seduction, think of all the less than handsome guys in the world who are smiling contentedly with their new lovers. Now look back at your own personal resources and your personality. I’m sure you have enough to bring home the ladies!

Meeting Women Requires a Ton of Time and Effort – This is another common myth that has scared countless males into inaction for many, many decades. With the advent of the archetype of the «modern woman» in the late 1960s, men slowly became more and more fearful of accomplished women who can be just as demanding as men.

The root of this myth is actually insecurity – men do get insecure more frequently than we’d like to admit it! If you’re having trouble finding romance in your workplace (as this is where the majority of males are stuck for many years), you simply have to change your strategy so you will be where potential dates may be hanging out.

For example, I know a guy who frequents his neighborhood bookstore because he’s into ladies who like to read. Obviously women who hang out in bookstores also love to read, so he’s in the perfect location to find the best potential lovers!

By being strategic with your moves, you won’t have to exert a ton of effort or spend countless hours finding the ladies. Trust me, they’re just around town. Find them!