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UAE escorts: how to be safe



If you come to UAE you may want to hook up with a girl and spend some time together. Prostitution is forbidden in Emirates, though many escorts come there every year to live and to work. Thousands of men turn to escort services daily. So, it’s quite possible to have fun time in this country, but you must be careful.


Actually, escort business is under protection of influential people of the Emirates. Mostly, police doesn’t catch the prostitutes and their clients because they have special arrangements, but still there are cases when a client can be imprisoned and sent back to his country.


Where to find a girl for sex

First of all, find hookers in special places. Don’t try to offer money to the local girls for sex, because premarital sex is not allowed in this country. One good idea is to find a slut in a nightclub. Decent and local girls don’t go to nightclubs alone. Those who are sitting there drinking their cocktails are usually prostitutes. Offer them another drink and ask them to come with you.


One surprise for you could be that if you are dancing in a nightclub, other men can come to you and offer you money for sex with them. Male gay prostitution is very widely spread in UAE, so don’t be rude. Just say no.


Also you can find an escort on a website like SexoDubai. It’s very safe, you can make all arrangements online and meet your partner in a discreet place. Many girls on this site rent apartments and you can visit them with no chance to be caught by police. Also you can read reviews of other clients to be sure that the girl is good enough.


Avoid kissing in public places

Also, if you are spending time with an escort in public places, avoid kissing, hugging and sexual games in the public. It’s against the law and you will be punished. It can be either fine or imprisonment. And of course, no extreme like sex in the toilet in a club, in a dark park or other things like that.



Safety first

Many hookers in UAE are afraid to have condoms with them in their bags. If they are stopped by police, it will be a clear evidence of their prostitution. So, take care of yourself and buy good condoms beforehand. Also, don’t forget, that you can catch a sexually transmissible infection even through a blowjob, pussy licking or anal sex, so try to avoid any kinds of natural services.