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Love Like There Is No Tomorrow

He was a hero of the land and every loved him like there was no tomorrow. Or so he let himself believe. Because as he said goodbye to the man he loved, as he slowly watched him leave to go on a trip with the – in his opinion spoilt – prince. He felt nothing but loneliness. His friends told him he was being stupid, that he would have his love back in no time and that he should focus on more important stuff, like working. If you want to be successful as an escort it takes dedication and work, just like any profession. And that’s when tragedy struck. The treaty that the king was supposedly signing had turned into nothing but a trick to gain the infinite power this country held. And it was up to him to save them, to fight off the large threat that imposed on their country.

He had been betrayed by his friends, by his commander and by the old kings. The gods showed this man no favour, even when he begged them to save the princess and the ring. Not even the bar girls and local escorts paid him the respect he had earned, though they were happy to take his money. Even when he sacrificed his life to save what was left of the place he had at one time called home.

But it wasn’t his friends, or his country, it wasn’t the imposing threat that would continue. It wasn’t the people, or the fact that his name wouldn’t be mentioned when it came to the saviours of the realm that worried him. It was the fact that the man he loved oh so dearly, travelled outside, with no one to tell him every morning, just how much he loved him.

And as he sat there, his skin slowly burning to ash and his vision darkening, his hair fading and his fingers trembling. As he sat there among the rubble and the destruction, the corpses and the fallen warriors. He did not feel pain, or sadness. He felt nothing but regret.

Because he wouldn’t be able to run his hands trough his loves blond hair ever again, he wouldn’t be able to wake up in the morning with a smaller figure cradled in his arms. He wouldn’t be able to tell the man, just how much loved him.

And he regretted that fact. He regretted everything he hadn’t done, everything he hadn’t said and should have done. He regretted not grabbing the man before he left and hugging him tightly one last time. Because now, he would never see his love again.