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How To Pick Up Girls, Attract Women, Approach Them And Date Them “The Kiss Test”

Obvious signs she’s ready to be kissed: Is she being playful and laughing at your jokes? Is she touching you and punching you on the shoulder in a playful way? Does she mind sitting very close to you? Has she been flirting with you or hinting about possible get together’s in the future? Eg. “oh […]

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Best Places To Meet Women You Actually Want

So you want to know how to meet women? I am often asked by men who have no idea how to meet women. But these very same men only talk about wanting to know how to meet women but they don’t take any active steps in their life to make the changes required to meet […]

Dating Relationship

7 Reasons Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Ever wondered why people often say “Nice Guys Finish Last”? If you’re a nice guy, chances are you don’t know how to impress a girl for sure. I mean, wouldn’t your left brain logic tell you that women should want a nice guy because he is “just so nice”. And isn’t it so interesting that […]

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UAE escorts: how to be safe

    If you come to UAE you may want to hook up with a girl and spend some time together. Prostitution is forbidden in Emirates, though many escorts come there every year to live and to work. Thousands of men turn to escort services daily. So, it’s quite possible to have fun time in […]


The Peculiarities of Incall Erotic Massage

Incall erotic massage presupposes that the client comes to the massage parlour. The masseuse doesn’t travel anywhere and expects you to come. There are 2 basic options for how you can get the service. You can book the session beforehand via phone or website or you can come and get the available therapist. Anyway, there […]


Dating Mistakes Men Should Avoid

The art of dating can be complicated for those who have no clue on how to do it right. Getting a woman to say “yes” when you ask her out is one thing; making her not regret the decision to come is another. Dating mistakes, my friend, is part of the motions. You are entitled […]

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Creating Attraction—Should It Be That Difficult For You?

Creating attraction should come easy if you have something that most guys don’t: confidence. Did you know that you don’t need to be handsome to attract girls? While you shouldn’t be butt ugly, it definitely doesn’t require movie star looks to get noticed by women. As long as you feel good about yourself and know […]


Creating An Emotional Connection Using Girlspeak

Do you want to find an emotional connection with women? Do you think it’s hard to find women who share your interests? Finding that special person is simple if you understand one thing–girls are people too. A Lesson From Hugh A few years ago, I saw an interview with Hugh Hefner. The interviewer said, “So, […]


Cocky Comedy Demystified

Cocky comedy is an extremely powerful conversation tool.  PUA masters like David DeAngelo rely on it heavily to improve their chances with women.  Here’s a bit more in-depth information on what cocky comedy is and what it does. Arrogance + Humor The basic elements of cocky comedy are arrogance and humor.  These two go hand […]

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Love Like There Is No Tomorrow

He was a hero of the land and every loved him like there was no tomorrow. Or so he let himself believe. Because as he said goodbye to the man he loved, as he slowly watched him leave to go on a trip with the – in his opinion spoilt – prince. He felt nothing […]