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The Secret Of Love

Sexual Deviations as a specific transformation of love Energy. In every man there is hidden a small, innocent and harmless of all existing sexual deviations. This means that all sexual deviations are found in every one of us, but in normal man, only a small measure, which does not show a significant in your life. Sexual deviations, therefore a small only natural a higher degree of a real disorder. However, even these disorders is a natural human quality, if we consider the spiritual reasons that cause and accompany it. Now let’s take a look at that human love, expressed through various sexual eccentricities and deviations. We must not forget that love has many faces and sexual deviations produced by appreciable population. Many doctors tried to find the reason for such high incidence in men, but almost no success.

It is obvious that the formation of sexual deviance involved in the astrological equality influences the birth of the person in question, along with a possible genetic defect, which could demonstrate through its own unwanted divergence in the concentration of hormones that directly influence sexual orientation. The deciding factor is, however, the karma of the soul, which is directly related concrete diversion sexual person.

In the body with the masculine or feminine damaged by unfavorable planetary constellation at birth and has failed sexual genes will be very natural embodies a soul that Karma is in harmony with relevant physical predisposition to sexual health as orientation. He who had lived in his former life as a homosexual or bisexual and have to live this way even more in, for example, will be born with damage Venus (feminine principle) in Aries, by opposition Neptune and Saturn in Libra (connected to neutral or negative to Venus and Mars with other constellations, which causes the disorder of sexual orientation – there are plenty of them) and inherits most relevant bisexual or homosexual, for example, his great grandfather. Thus, the Karma of his soul was the real reason for entering such damages, or, if you will, sexual body oriented.

We turn now to the list of basic sexual deviations and observed from the viewpoint of the special love energy transformation. Bisexuality, ie sexual propensity to both sexes. The person who has sexual sex with both sexes is a unit of energy, which is connected when the desire of femininity and masculinity and the energy of both early sex together. The souls of these people usually are – because of his bisexuality – mediators worldwide mystical marriage and allow the merger of the various sexless souls.

Exhibitionism, ie the satisfaction of sexual desire by exposing himself in front of others. This deviation becomes sexual energy striking the surface connection to other people. The person in question is exposed and others are excited about this aspect, either positively or negatively. The exhibitionist other shows on the genitals, they are looking into it and share subconscious with him some sexual energy surface.

Feet, that is, the excitement of something. However, when a greater degree of fetishism, fetish only awakened by the fetish, for example, the piece of clothing that anyone had, and not by real person. It is the relationship with the subject dead link directly to the person who uses it. The person on the topic of his / her vibrations and the energy footprint and the fetishist connects to the seal and vibration of the game at the same time – in fact, undirectly joins the person and the topic directly. For example, during masturbation fetish medieval daggers and swords joins the fetishist himself to human destiny and the time of the crimes committed with these weapons. The fetishist is a master of all these people, who survived them all. They are dead and his life and have their things in their hands. He is the owner, and that’s what excites him. Sometimes it is of antiques fetish a subconscious memory of the soul, the fetishist in the old days, when he lived with these elements in their past lives.

Associate erotic love for people with erotic love objects, is a form of transformation the energy of love, which helps keep the spiritual affinity of the human side of Central Cosmic Soul with that part, that is created by the spirits of dead matter. Gerontophilia, ie erotic arousal by older people to have sex with them. The sexual office in the elderly is out, but keeps the sexual energy gained from years of youth, though are not able to actively live through it again. Gerontophilia belongs to the age-related sexual deviations, which are many – starting with the longing for relationships with babies not yet born (The soul is only partially connected to the embryo, but you can tell what happens to him, and On the other hand is connected with his mother). In this case, means that this deviation conscious violently connect the embryo, but unconsciously links (unknowingly) also his mother and spiritual world, which is connected to the soul of the embryo. In addition, pedophilia (the desire to connect himself with young children) and gerontophilia (desire to connect people and transform old sexual love energy with them).

In every age man lives through another part of his soul and energy transformation of sexual love (Or sexual encounter with the experience positive or negative) to the relevant age is directly related to the energy transformation of the relevant part of the soul, which – simply speaking – governs the age in question. Everything has to be connected to everything: youth and age, depravity and innocence. And the extremes of age related to sexual orientation help to maintain this integrity. Homosexuality, ie the homogeneous sex affection. Homosexual tendencies men are from the reality that their bodies of women incarnated soul or his soul experienced a homosexual love in his past life and of this reason, those homosexual inclinations survived. The same goes for the lesbian love for women, where the body of the woman embodies a masculine soul, or if your soul is a woman in his past lives experienced the love of women and supported this survived.

To connect the opposite sex early in the mystical world of weddings, four types of sexual love energy transformation are important: the connection of two opposite sex (heterosexual) people have sex with both sexes (bisexual), and the lesbian love between women and homosexual love between men. A natural (heterosexual) relationships between sexes as main energy change of sexual love must prevail in most people, but this energy must be supplemented with energy bisexual, gay and lesbian love. During the mass of mystical marriage will join a large number of souls. First merge souls of men souls of women in sexless souls, and then also be merged with other souls without sex. This means that masculine principle also be merged with the masculine principle, which is partly present in other souls without sex too, principle of women as they also merge with the feminine principle, which is partly present in other sexless souls as well. For this reason there are bisexuals, lesbians and homosexuals, which are transformed into including several shades of sexual love energy, so that their souls in the mystical marriage enabled mass and improving quality.

Incest, ie sex with their relatives. Karma Souls common sexually related can sometimes be born in the same family to share experiences sexual love energy. This transformation is based on the similarity not only spiritual but also physical similarity. Both matter related to and souls are connected to each other related to the special way to experience the love of power. Relations with the ghosts, that is with the spirits of dead people or other spiritual beings. Mainly is sex with a spirit of a woman who has sex with men, or in a spirit of a man who has sex with women. You may also relations with the ghosts of the dead off people. There are ghosts that materialize and sexually abusing people. It acts as a sex such ghosts for some people as a substitute for normal sexual life. The transformation of sexual violence energy between a man and a ghost is not yet the entire value. Spirit sexual experiences relations at a low level, while the man in a high level. Spirit absorbed through sexual exploitation energy relations of the person in question, but that happens only very little of it. There is a difference between masturbation and the ghosts. During masturbation man fantasizes about a sexual relationship with another person, but during sex with a ghost energy released as a man of love to the ghost that has a relationship with. Ghosts sometimes have to transmit the power of human love in the world of the dead and that people sometimes convey the energy of love in the world of death into the world of the living. And that is Why relations with the ghosts.

Kandaulism, when a person reaches sexual excitement by showing naked partner others. This person represents a part of himself – through his family – in the eyes and soul others. Shares his / her partner with them. Kandaulist transformed through its partner surface energy of love with them. The sight of his naked partner wakes up in other people and causes a wave of emotional energy, which exchanges kandaulist sucks them or himself, , Respectively. In a way, although this end helps keep the spiritual affinity of some human souls.

Masochism, being tortured with sexual arousal through another person or yourself (if automasochism in men, selfspanking example, sometimes is a repressed sadist trends, when a sadist can not experience his sadism and masochism that has no partner, and therefore, its sadistic desire temporarily invested in masochism). At the time that the soul lives in the past for example, as a slave, who – to some extent – used to this way of life and began to lose over time (the soul accustomed to the experience of feelings of pain and humiliation – even though he did not want to experience these feelings and considered a very unpleasant situation, despite this, we got used to them and therefore requires – From time to time – to experience again, although to a lesser extent, largely would be too cruel to him, to a lesser extent than compensates for the path of transformation of energy was used to and on the other hand, brings a pleasure, this need can be decreased during the many future lives). That’s why people so long for life through this new role and realize this may need to visit a club erotic, where you can pass this paper again. Masochism is – along sadistically – energy transformation much love, linking the pain with pleasure, that is, two main emotional contradictions, both at the same time.

Mysophilia, which is the excitement of repulsive objects, for example urin and feces. This sexual deviation relies on the fact that symbolize feces nasty thing that comes out of people. It also symbolizes our greatest weaknesses and defects and malfunctions. A man, afflicted by this diversion, nastiest desires within us. All are worthy of love. Everything within us can be understood and loved – even things that hide of others. And the same mysophilia means to be attracted to darker, which is in us. Who is able to love so deeply, who loves even the most horrible, and that the same thing that I hate that attracts us? Only the person who lives through mysophilia. When all human souls are merged into the human part of Central Cosmic Soul, its potential energy merge, too, including losing the negative energies. And only those who make possible the merger, who lived mysophilia through.

Narcissism is, erotic love. Derived from Narcissus, who fell in love with his image on a surface and sorrowful even unto death. To be able to fall in love with himself, had to look at himself through the eyes of his other half, with the eyes of their soul mate, who is with the eyes of the opposite sex, separated from the others and become an independent unit – from the inside and flowing – love energy, erotic love yourself unconditionally, to enhance self-esteem potential and multiply without loss and without exchanging with others. These souls erotic exceptional balance self-hatred of other souls and irreplaceable part of Central Cosmic Soul and the whole other souls.

Necrophilia, ie erotic arousal by corpses to sex with them. Immediately after death the soul leaves the body, but the spirit can remain for some time – and perceived, what happens to the body. Even if there is a spirit in the body, if it is not broken, another ghost may be connected to it. The necrophilist desires to possess the person (or his / her body, as the case may be) to do with it what you like, and the dead person can not defend himself / herself and not in any party may file a complaint about the abuse. Necrophilia can actually be a form of the transformation of sexual love with the ghost that inhabits a body without a soul.

Pedophilia is, erotic and sexual relationship of children, possibly even sexual sex with them. The children had not yet developed the libido and in this naive. Gender – whether male or female – usually means that the one-sidedness. That radiates and receives its specific gender power love, while the children of this energy of love or issue or receive far. It is not yet awekened. They are innocent and not spoiled by life. We know that children have some sense going off to reach adulthood, and that children receive more energy from the spiritual world adults, especially if they are very young. Pedophiles subconsciously want to connect to this energy, which does not have a distinct sexual charge, and embrace with him the spiritual wholeness world. He wants to win the soul of another person – a child – which is pure and unspoiled, link himself through this child to love in the spiritual world, the love that is not sexually charged, to love without lust and evil adults, to take the child for what was left after arrival of the spiritual world and absorb their lack of sexuality and innocence, to give the charge of sexual energy to wake up (Adults) and sexual power soon goes over lust and evil. But there is still more reason – there are souls who died at the age of young people without arousing the libido in its physical life. Y there must be other souls who seek to transform the energy of sexual love only with children. Mass mystic wedding souls, who lived as pedophiles, functions as a link between souls, who died as children, and other souls.

Potamophilia, ie sexual arousal by another object that the natural (a man or a woman) which has no direct connection to other people. For example, the female orgasm while playing surface water in a river (the erotic love toward the river, etc.). As you know, everything is connected to everything that belongs to all. All that is related to everything and the individual parts of Central Cosmic Soul, in this case and the spirits creatures of the elements of water, are distant relatives of such people, and therefore must have a certain, though if only the minimum amount of love energy also common. Pass this energy as a variety of ways of love. And so it goes, someone is sexually attracted to something that does not appear in no connection with people – water, plants, stones, stars, etc. people’s souls, that this experience Inhumane the energy of love will be in the wedding Mass mystical and energetic connections for mergers different parties, different Central Cosmic Soul, part human, for example with the ghosts formed by stone etc Sadism, ie to reach sexual arousal harass another person. In extreme cases we find a tortured to death or murder of the victim. Sadistic binds itself sexual pleasure with the pain of others, and the victim himself joins in pain with sadistic pleasure. Sadistic experiences of one side of energy, and his victim too, but with opposite tuning.

Sadomasochism, ie sexual arousal caused so much suffering and feel making it someone else. We meet more often sadomasochism, pure sadism or masochism. Sadomasochistic inclinations betray a special state of soul, a strange personality disharmony of this person and his / her changing and contradictory internal attitudes towards good and evil. In some cases Can such attitudes because of a peculiar right and wrong develop a special sense understanding of the contradictions – it is known that some holy men have had several sadomasochistic trends.

For sadomasochistic practices, you can connect and experience contradictory energies and reaching a plateau and in a sense, all embracive feeling between them. Our whole life is based on joy and disappointment, luck and bad luck the pleasure and pain. Sadomasochism connect itself the pain and pleasure, which is both of these contradictions in the same time in the intensive processing power of love, but equally also the energy of suffering. S & M is both happy and unhappy, experiencing pleasure and pain. And this is valuable transformation of love energy, or – as is the case – of love and not love at the same time.

Sadomasochism, if you experience a reasonable extent, can positively influence human love. A mild form of sadomasochism and widespread is the scourge called. It is known that in the buttocks There erotogenous areas. A scourge of light cane or rod in combination with fondling one another can stimulate these areas (this is the stimulation of the central route Back) and end on the highest sexual the pleasure of sexual arousal and the subsequent more intense sex. Interestingly, in the Middle Age was the butt of stripes used – often even successfully – as a remedy for infertility in women. A certain degree of violence apparently belongs to sex, as we see in the animal kingdom. To example lion bites in mating, the lioness in the neck, sometimes painfully. If sex is experienced not only with sensitivity and a certain minimum amount of violence, does not provide some people unconsciously what we expect.

Also masochistic, sadistic and masochistic need to be global to mystical marriage, where lot of energy against a number of merger. In this case, sexual pleasure is joined with sexual pain. Cross-dressing, which is cross-dressing erotic arousal, the desire to assume the role of opposite sex. It is a desire to transform sexual opposite charge to physically die. Physical body experiences only one sex, but the mind experiences the opposite sex. Natural Vibrations are, for example men, but the experiences transvestite womanhood. Conversely mind in tune with physical body becomes a special form of attachment and repulsion of the energy of the two principles of sex in a soul.

Myron, which is gratifying for the observation of intercourse and general situations, where people wants to be alone and in private. The voyeur gets to know people in situations in which work (including ) Uninhibited sex and unconsciously takes away some energy. He enters with his thoughts on these people and open it without knowing it, without pose and concealment. This deviation becomes the suction of a small amount of energy or unprotected sexual intimate and revealed of others and the energy storage and soul of voyeur. And this also serves to maintain affinity some human souls.

Bestiality, which is the sexual and erotic affection towards animals. It is similar to potamophilia. It also on the transformation of the energy of love to the souls of other parts of Central Cosmic Soul humans. If necessary, a common energy acquisition sexual love between humans and animals souls. The conclusion is that most sexual deviations are used for specific transformation of love energy and the preservation of spiritual affinity between different souls and different parts, different from the Central Cosmic Soul.

For reasons outlined above should show understanding for people with different sexual orientation we have. It’s basically not their fault and it is possible that only your sexual different orientation that allows them to experience what others can not. What’s more, these people activate the merging of everything with everything one day. All sexual deviations, in fact, without deviations, because they transform the specific energy of love, which is necessary for the spiritual world. From our human point of view, sexual deviations deviations are real, but from the spiritual point of view is a perfectly natural phenomenon and even necessary. Therefore we have the understanding of all sexual deviations. Our humanness can – to some extent – disapprove, but the will of our spiritual side – if you really try – to understand and comprehend them all.