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Resolving Marital Conflicts with Love

It is likely that conflict in marriage. Thus, marital conflict resolution with love, maturity and understanding when they occur is of paramount importance. After all, marriage is a union of two imperfect human beings. Therefore, it would be wrong for couples who expect perfection from one another. The key to resolving marital conflict and ensuring therefore, marital bliss is in the readiness and willingness of married couples to accommodate other deficiencies as far as humanly possible. No wonder it is said that the success of marriage is a union of two good forgiving (Author unknown). To reinforce this point, the holy book says that love covers a multitude of sins. However, many of marital conflict that arise in many marriages can be minimized, making good preparation, planning ahead, establishing a strong and solid foundation for marriage and as the construction of the structure of marriage to the right and proper materials. Planning and construction of the marriage structure In comparison, the marriage is analogous to a gigantic structure of a building.

Accordingly, as with building any other physical structure, all the marriage must be built on a strong base to give you a reasonable time. Without a solid foundation, however, any marriage is doomed to fail within a very short time – regardless of the forecast was made in connection with the marriage passive spectators. On the basis of a very solid base thus increasing the survival rate three times the normal the survival rate of all marriages. Besides putting a strong Foundation for marriage, appropriate materials should used for the construction of a marriage to form a very strong sturdy structure that is capable of resisting all forms of stress and tension – marital conflicts, that is – that may arise after the wedding day.

Therefore, the quality of materials such as love, trust, understanding and willingness to overlook the many shortcomings of your partner should form the basic building materials for marriage. Similarly, after erecting a structure, a regiment of constant periodic systematic maintenance must be put in place to ensure the structure retains a state of beauty despite their age and the deteriorating effects of the elements as rain, sun, hurricanes and other weather conditions. So too with the marriage. Conflict in marriage behave the same way as weather conditions behave the structures erected in many ways. While some marital conflict torn gently outer layer of the union, others are much more dramatic effects. These other forms of marital conflict act to destroy the tissue is at the bottom the roots, the foundation upon which the structure of marriage has been built. This behavior have similar effects on marriage as the occurrence of an earthquake in a location where a structure has been erected is in that building. But perhaps the most important phase of building a successful marriage is to proper preparation and planning for a successful marriage. Like all structures, marriage also has its own plan that must be properly planned, designed and executed with precision – to reduce future marital conflict and to guarantee successful marriage.

One way to do this is to conduct a compatibility test between pairs of themselves. See: compatibility test to help on how to conduct a compatibility test between you and your partner. Similarly, engaged couples can minimize problems and marital conflicts that occur later in the marriage as a preventive measure to solve the marital conflict before actually going to marry. The way to do this is to marry his best friend. But while it is good advice for couples with a marriage intended to marry his best friend, these people are still imperfect in every way. Therefore, although it may be that your best friend will hurt you in some way at some point their marriage. But ultimately, the difference lies in how he or she reacts or responds to the complaint, when he or she draws. While a person is not your best friend may react defensively, his best friend is type tend to be more sensitive, caring, and where emotions are concerned. A person who is not your friend, let alone his best friend, is likely to be proud and vain – not give a damn if your feelings and emotions are beaten and injured by a thoughtless remark or action. In the worst cases, can even go out of their way to make sure you do not know a when peace and joy all the time they are married to them. Marriage Conflict Resolution – a practical scenario Now consider a practical scenario in resolving marital conflicts. l I am going to paint for a virtual graphic picture how couples can resolve their marital conflict with a real life scenario, so that you clearly understand what I am receiving in this report.

Marriage Conflict – The first stage

Just before leaving for work one morning, a husband offends his wife senseless to, either by action or thoughtless comment. All day at work, doing their daily participation program, completely forgets there was some misunderstanding with his wife. So back home after an emotional meet the day’s work and yells, Honey, I’m home! But what is? A woman wearing a long face as if there will be a in a very heavy downpour cloudy day. And what makes get? A warm welcome? A a passionate embrace and longdrawn a kiss from his wife? No. None of the above! Instead, was: Go No! love me! Shout hysterically like a madman crazy. How does the man feel? Oh, yes! You guessed it! All his emotion just going to die instantly as a whole tire deflation air it! Is this the way to resolve marital conflicts? Is this a marriage made in heaven? I leave you to ruminate that for a while.

Marriage Conflict – A second scenario

Now compare this scenario before with this next. A man offends his wife, somehow, unwittingly and unknowingly. The man passes through the company for the day as usual, and returns home from work. Only the sound of your car that she heard, while inside his apartment around the woman needs to boost its what you are doing to greet her husband. He not have to sound the horn of his car, and only the sound of your vehicle that approaches the the house is enough to leave his wife for what he is doing and run to the door. She meets him at the door and hugs him close to her and kisses affectionately.

What you’re saying? Of course, no words are necessary. She is saying virtually missed you all day – like a dog wagging his tail and looking at the its owner’s face (pardon the comparison, please, not meant to be pejorative). Yes, men do not have to shout, “Honey, I’m home!” from the door. His wife says he is at home. And he knows it too. And he says, “Man, that is home!” Home becomes a place where he returns to the flimsy excuse of the best forgetting his cell phone and no escaping the end of achieving peace. You can even completely forget that her husband injured by thoughtless words or actions earlier in the day. If all you remember, she just might take made only after a passionate love for the night and were about ready to go to sleep. And yet, she says as gently as if it means nothing at all for her. She only said that out of its chest – knowing full so her husband never really intended to harm by their words or actions. Her husband then apologize it immediately and draw its about himself and reassure his eternal love for her. He finds his to sleep in peace and contentment in the chest, even while he is still speaking these words. What is the ideal marriage – a marriage where there is genuine 50-50 love. In a marriage where true love exists, apologize to each other is so easy for them to do what sex is natural for them. For them it is a way to express your love for others. This is the perfect image of an ideal marriage.

Now, assuming that a malicious person recorded the scene that happened before that day and played by his look, his response would be instant, My husband loves me. I could not have said or done what they are showing me right now. What unwavering faith! She apologizes for it! Need not even be occasionally reminded of the love of her husband. She knows. Her husband loves it. That is the ideal marriage. There is an implicit faith and confidence in the ideal marriage. And his confidence in her husband’s love for her is not a mistake at all. A woman who loves her husband completely and really only love can bring true to itself. It is natural for man to reciprocate the love shown by his wife in the same way. You can consider it as the law of attraction in some respects. He also knows that rain or shine, his wife’s love for him is unconditional. And when she unknowingly offended by words or actions, he knows it is not intentional. He forgives him willingly and enthusiastically, often without realizing who has been offended! At this stage, it is clear that an important factor in marital conflict resolution has to do with the readiness and willingness to apologize unreservedly. In addition, marital status conflicts can be solved easily when married couples overlooked and to accommodate differences in the views and opinions that could easily lead to marital conflict. In this respect, the good book says that love does not take account of the injury. lndeed, this is how conflicts are resolved easily double the ideal marriage.

However, that does not mean that there that unknown people simply very hard to please. No matter what one partner can do, are too difficult. lt is obvious in this case the union has lost all meaning of these the. It is obvious that the source of conflicts can be ended only through a rupture. So when this happens, then it might necessary to separate temporarily to see if the space of this creates can bring resolution to the sources of marital conflict in the Union. On the other hand, many marital conflicts can be easily resolved by talking openly about them. Discuss problems openly and directly with your partner creates a forum for emission points of disagreements and complaints, and the possible resolution of the conflicts. lt is disheartening to see, and it really hurts that many men and women suffer for years and never bring problems with their partners. This is not healthy at all. If no love in a marriage should not be difficult for married couples to discuss their problems openly with their peers. Otherwise, the opposite may be true in such marriages.

Helps to resolve marital conflicts

In some cases, marital conflicts arise in the marriage because no particular personality defect or an emotional crisis by the couple. On the other hand, conflicts Marriage may arise as a result of the challenges that couples are forced to undergo as a result of her marriage. It should be noted however that the challenges in marriage can easily become sources of friction or marital conflict – if couples are focused primarily on themselves and not the effects of the challenges they have in their marriage partners. Therefore, married couples can do with a lot of help with respect to resolving marital conflict of their own or their relatives, neighbors, friends and colleagues. But no such help available to help couples who are determined to make his

successful marriage? True, there!

It is in this sense that the online reference resources such as this comes in handy. You can help save a marriage – I like that phrase, saving a marriage – to send the link downloading this ebook to your family, neighbors, friends and colleagues through e-mail or media social networks like Facebook and Twitter or social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon and others. Marriage Conflict – a spiritual perspective I have personally observed that although many people claim to be Christians, believe what the Bible has to say about marriage and a host of other issues bothering morality and proper behavior. Many are simply unaware of the beliefs of the Bible and teachings. And even when they are aware of them, who simply prefer to do things how they have come to make their own way. According to Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), philosopher India, estimated at an international level for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, If Christians really live up to the Christ’s teachings as found in the Bible, all of lndia (and the world, you could add l) be a Christian today. lt is true, then, that many marital conflicts and conflicts could be solved easily when married couples who profess to be Christians apply the lessons of the Bible. Just take a look at some of the wonderful tips and practices available in the Bible to resolve marital conflicts, reflect on them and see if it really can help resolve marital conflicts or not. (I) Head of House: But I want you to know that the head of every man is Christ; turn the head of a woman is the man; turn the head of Christ is God (1 Cor 11: 3). ls that language is not simple enough? The husband is head of the house. The man is in office until the home front is concerned.

Maybe that’s why there is a saying in a common language can be a homeless man or a commoner, but he is the king in his own home. If we call the head of state as indicated graphically here in the Bible, we will against the development of this paragraph. Therefore, when a woman is married, stop belong to their parents. Moreover, not no longer belongs to itself as it used to be as a single woman, because her marriage is effect of making her lose her independence. She becomes part of her husband, who then becomes his owner and is entitled to give instructions, which is ultimately the bounding upon her to obey. However, when he dies, “She is free to their right,” according to the Bible. So while the oath of marriage, the couple swear to remain married until death no part. “That’s what the holy book says. Read for yourself below.” We may not know, brethren (for I am talking for those who know the law – people who claim to be Christians) that the law is master over man as as he lives? For example, a married woman is bound by law to her husband while he is alive, but if her husband dies that is downloaded from the law of marriage. “So while her husband is alive, it would be a style to an adulteress if she became another man. But if the husband dies, is free to the law, it is not adulteress if she becomes another man” Romans 7: 1-4 -. What does this mean? In a word, property. And logically speaking, each institution has someone who is in charge. The same goes for all countries – a single person is in charge – a president, prime minister, a monarch, emperor or whatever name used to address him or her in that country. And, as a matter of fact, two captains can not be in the same boat.

Similarly, when it comes to marriage, the man, the husband is responsible. Even women generally recognize and accept this. Why else would they willingly and joyfully change their surname to their husbands? lt is to signify that belong to the Now the man as part of his family and is no longer part of the family of their parents. l know you are eager to say a word. But before uttering a single word, a glance in the next portion of the Bible to drive the point home. Let wives be in subjection to your husbands as to the Lord, For the husband is head of the wife as Christ is also head of the congregation, with El Salvador in [this] body. In fact, as the congregation is in subjection to Christ, so let the wives be to their husbands in everything. (Ephesians 5: 22-24)

What does this mean? Control. The man is the head of household, as Christ also head of the congregation. In other words, is in charge. It is expected to take family members in the right and proper that they were, and are expected to follow obediently. Therefore, Christian women should be submissive to their husbands in all things – as the congregation is in subjection to Christ. That is a direct command from God to all married women are considered Christians – otherwise their Christianity is subject to serious doubt. Therefore, participation in meaningless and unnecessary arguments, or what the Bible refers to as debates on decisions made or not made, and how certain activities are carried out or not conducted indicates no submission by a Christian wife.

And not in any way imply that women can not express their views and views on decisions affecting the family. However, when man puts his feet down on a particular issue, women have the duty to respect the decision made by her husband, the head of the house – as long as the decision has been made in good faith and according to what man is in his best judgment to be in the best interests of the family as a whole. And, of course, a man who loves his wife and family dearly deliberately do not decisions that endanger the welfare and happiness of his wife and family. Why is that? Noteworthy is the reminder: No man ever hated his own flesh but nourishes and caregiver. This is a man and his wife are no longer two but one flesh as Jesus said. (Matthew 19: 6) The holy book follows:

Husbands, continue loving your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it… In this way husbands ought to be loving their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves, because no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, as Christ so does the congregation. -Ephesians 5: 23, 25-29 A husband who is the best friend of the wife of this command is made by God to love his wife as he does to himself as a pleasure to obey rather than be a burden authoritarian. Similarly, a wife who is the best friend of her husband will be easier to give in to their control and toward the front of the house.

(Ii) The role of spouse:

A woman who really and truly loves her husband is supposed to be a perfect blend her husband. A good wife does not work in competition or opposition to her husband at home. However, it is support and cooperation of her husband’s activities, offering unconditional contribution in all aspects to ensure that collective goals and aspirations of the family, under the direction of successful husband. (For more discussion of how dating and married couples can achieve the perfect blend in relations refer to the book: Getting the perfect combination in your relationship or Marriage, Kome ltoje)

And even when, as an imperfect man, the husband makes a human error in the trial, a good wife does not rub it in. If a woman constantly criticizes or scolds her husband endlessly about a decision made by mistake, went wrong, no deep respect for him at all. Doing this shows a sign of insensitivity to the husband emotions can already feel bad the way things turned out. On the contrary, a good wife shows the greatest understanding of the situation and even leave of his way to console her husband or misjudgments decision – hence acknowledging the fact that her husband is an imperfect man, after all. Therefore, she belittle what her husband does or attempts to take over leadership. Thus, it shows that she has a deep respect for her husband.(Ephesians 5: 33)

A good wife is also a good manager of the house. In fulfilling its role, a woman can do both in the care of the family. For example, the Bible shows that married women are love their husbands, love your children to be healthy in mind, chaste, workers home, either, and subject to their husbands. (Titus 2: 4, 5) A woman and mother, who acts in this manner will earn the lasting love and respect for his family, not only her husband alone. (Proverbs 31: 10, 28) Similarly, in 1 Peter 3: 1-3, the good book says, Likewise, ye wives, be in subject to your husbands so that, if any are not obedient to the word, that can be won over without words by the behavior of the wives of [their] having witnessed her chaste conduct together with deep respect. l find it incredible that many women find it easier to change their surnames to her husband, but finds it hard to hear and obey the voice of his husbands or lease its control. You tell them to do something, do something else.

However, they claim to be Christians!

Ownership and control is what the liberated women today simply does not wish hear! Hey, I do not want someone telling me what I should or not to do. And they get married? Did not even know the meaning of marriage? l wonder. How really amazing! A woman stubborn refusal to accept men as the head of the home and be submissive can only lead to marital conflicts and constant friction in the marriage. Herein lies a major source of marital conflict today.

Love is what matters!

In fact, the most important in resolving marital conflict, although the love between partner and the ability to resolve conflicts between couples with the maturity and understanding. Therefore, The Bible exhorts husbands to be an intense love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins(1 Peter 4: 8). Therefore, it comes down to the sweet, good old fashioned love. That’s the bottom line. Therefore, when husbands and wives have deep love for themselves, to resolve civil conflicts would be automatic for them.

And even when it comes to the sex, (sex is a business – which makes think?), who show their love and selflessness for others, ensuring that the sexual act is of mutual benefit and enjoyment both of them (1 Corinthians 7: 3-5). As the above has proven beyond any reasonable doubt, married couples are more that sufficient assistance to help resolve marital conflicts when they occur in marriage.

Indeed, married couples who are best friends with each other a good opportunity meat to make a marriage and what it is to succeed. But if they are also Christians, so the best for them.

To quote Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), once again, I like your Christ, I do not like Christianity. In other words, married couples who are Christians apply the spirit of Christ in your marriage, you can be sure to resolve their marital conflicts with ease and rapidly with frequency that can occur and make a success of their marriage. Consequently, despite the marital conflicts will surely arise in marriage, married couples can overcome with love and understanding.